Posted by: gdevi | July 26, 2011

D’s jokes

D’s latest joke:

D: Mama, do you have astigmatism?

Me: Yes.

D: I have optimism!

Hee hee . . .

Alas, my child’s jokes are taking after those of her muse, Jim Carey. Yes, as a household we watch Jim Carey movies over and over again. And then watch Daya mimic him. I have to admit that I have grown to like Jim Carey. He reminds me of our dog Daisy. That is a compliment. We love Daisy.

This summer I am also getting my education on the sort of music that I would never listen to on my own. If I could tear the radio out of my car I would; what a travesty this clear channel radio really is. I feel physically sick when I listen to it. I wish someone would buy it and then shut it down immediately. Songs that I have heard this summer: Someone called Pitbull–I have to digress and tell you one of my favorite scenes bar none from movies. It is from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Great movie great Johnny Mercer songs. So John Cusack gets picked up by this drag queen artist and they are in the drag queen’s car and Cusack asks her “So what is your name?” The drag queen replies “Lady Chablis.” John Cusack says “Oh what an unusual name. It is wonderful.” The drag queen says “Thank you. I got it from a wine bottle.”

So anyway someone called Pitbull sings–raps, D. corrects me–a song called “Tonight” while someone called Ne Yo sings with him.  The premise of the song is to give this guy everything tonight because apparently everything is happening tonight. Because tomorrow who knows it could just be the same. And then someone called Bruno Mars sings “Today I am not going to do anything.” That pretty much takes care of day and night. Then a vindictive song by someone called Adele where she threatens someone I will do terrible things to you we could have had it all. Lady Gaga on the edge. Another girl Nicole something or the other who says come be my baby put your hands on my body talk dirty never gonna let another girl take him from me. The women are all on the edge and threatening everyone or asking people to talk dirty. The men are talking dirty. I think the American music industry is dying.  None of these people can sing.  They cannot write. I don’t think they have any talent whatsoever. They are horribly produced and arranged. What a painful experience.


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