Posted by: gdevi | July 1, 2011

Day at the beach

I took D. and her friend B. to the local “beach” this afternoon.  Very warm beautiful afternoon in the nineties.   “The beach” is a fair sized cordoned off area in the Susquehanna river that flows by us here. The deepest part of “the beach” might be about 8-10 feet though the outlying river is much deeper. There is a rock pile inside the river  which is where the adventurous swimmers go to proclaim their victory. Speedboats zoom by creating what are locally known as “waves.”

Sights and events at the beach this afternoon:

1. Lots of kids–all ages, boys, girls, toddlers, babies–densely packing the water. Lots of mothers and fathers floating babies in the water.

2. A young father in his mid-twenties with a 3 year old boy. The father is teaching the boy to swim. He doesn’t want to. He stands right by the steps without moving. The father tries to entice the boy by trickling water down his head, tickling him, throwing him in the air and catching him. Baby smiles but does not swim.

3. A group of teenagers, very foul-mouthed, “MotherF******* this and that” showing off in the water — the lifeguards kept shouting “language!”  Mating rituals of teenage boys and girls.

4. Bunch of kids invite D and B to their group. B goes; D does not. Later she tells me why; they are foul-mouthed and what they were doing was illegal–they were diving down and “rearranging” the “rockpile.” I told her I was very proud of her for not joining them.

5. A couple in their forties–their kids swimming nearby them — has sex in the river. They were quite a ways out in the river but it was obvious that they were having sex to anyone. They had sickly smiles on their faces. I wanted to tell all the kids, swim away please.  Those of us parents sitting by the steps got really embarrassed watching this.  One father wanted to get the lifeguard to do something, but the lifeguard was keeping an eye on the teenagers, not the middle-aged ones. Keep your bodily fluids to yourself, people. The river and we don’t need them. I am sure they will be on the next TV reality show: Strangest places to have sex in.

6. The Boy who does not want to Swim tries on his father’s shoes. It is true; kids really do do that. He walks a long way along the beach in his dad’s shoes. Dad runs after him. Boy’s name is Kai. Dad has it tattooed on his chest.

7. A white mother gets into a verbal argument with a bunch of kids; a group of kids called her daughter–a biracial girl — the “n” word. Lifeguard intervenes and asks the kids to apologize to the mother and the young girl.  They do.

8. A man, and two women–one of them with some kind of disability–she was walking with difficulty using a crutch–came down to the beach. The disabled woman dropped the crutches on the sand, then fell down, pulled herself up and dragged herself down to the river and sat on the water. She was so happy. The man and woman stood nearby in case she needed help.

9. A very little baby girl — maybe 18 months max — swimming like a fish! Her poor mother had difficulty keeping up with her.


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