Posted by: gdevi | June 29, 2011

French Lessons

Today D. and her friends–Chadd and Maegan, Emre and Aylin, brother-sister pairs– started French lessons. The teacher is a Senior Sec Ed French major, one of our students from the University. Something to keep the kids occupied through summer.  We meet in our house for an hour each week. Ms.  Mariah, the  teacher is a straight A student at the U, studied in France last year, and is student teaching next year. The kids loved today’s lessons. Mariah taught them the French alphabet, how to count to 100, simple greetings. Good work kids!

Strange sheepdog update: So Daisy is a Belgian Tervuren and everyone tells us that the way to tire her out is to take her to a farm and have her herd sheep.  Today our vet’s assistant told us this strange anecdote about her sheep dog. Apparently they live in a farm and when they got the sheep dog she thought how perfect is that, our sheep dog can herd sheep now. But apparently their sheep dog is deathly afraid of sheep. When she comes near a sheep, she runs away with her tail between her legs. So instead of herding sheep, what they have trained the sheep dog to do is to go near the sheep and then run towards the barn or the pen. Instead of herding the sheep, the dog runs and the sheep follows her!

My darling Daisy bear! I don’t see you herding sheep or herding anything! You are always going to knock me down the stairs!


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