Posted by: gdevi | June 20, 2011

Rewards, Points and Weeds

I think it is high time that we abolished this system of rewards, points, and other things that they give you every time you fill gas or buy a pair of socks. I don’t know about you, but I am finding it hard to keep track of all these rewards and points. Apparently now I have 10, 000 gas points or something at the local grocery store that I have not used in the last 100 years and I have to use it by the 27th or lose it all. This pressure is unfair. I don’t know what I need 10, 000 gas points for. I don’t even drive that much. There are points and rewards everywhere for everything–grocery store, gas station, department store, credit card. It is an inflation of value, which means that what is thus made valuable is essentially worthless. Please take away my rewards and points. Allow me to pay you for my purchases. I don’t want anything else.

But I did have a productive day though. I thinned out and weeded all the vegetable and flower beds. Neptune has his trident, Zeus has his lightning and thunderbolt, Athena has her Sun, and I have discovered my symbol: it is a 4 prong cultivator with a 52” handle. The best weeding tool in the world, if you ask me.  You can stand to your full height–I am short–I am 5′ 2″–so take that for what it’s worth–but it does not stress my back at all, you don’t have to bend, and the handle is the right diameter. I have had this cultivator for years now–this and my “claw” — and I am so attached to it. It was so beautiful to stand there and work with this beautiful cultivator and pull out weed after weed and to see the bed looking so beautiful like a head after a haircut. So beautiful! The different tomatoes, eggplants, spinach, different kinds of beans, different kinds of peppers, green onions, okra, beets, bitter gourd, zucchini–they are all growing so well. The cherry tomatoes even have little flowers. I had also planted some bee balms and Asian lilies as a border to the vegetable bed–they are blooming now too. I will post pictures later. A beautiful day!


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