Posted by: gdevi | May 11, 2011

My garden this year

Quick before I forget. I planted all the vegetables this year: Lima Beans, English peas, Indian long beans, green onions,okra,  eggplant, leeks, hot peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, beetroot, summer squash,  swiss chard, Indian spinach, cilantro, basil, English lavender. I also planted some morning glory and convolvulus; I don’t usually plant annuals–I like perennial flowers for my flower garden–but I love morning glories and convolvulus; very pretty delicate flowers. I am going to plant some more perennials this year; I haven’t decided what. I think it will really mess up the doggies–they won’t have anywhere to run–so I won’t do it–but I could theoretically turn this whole back yard into a vegetable and flower garden. It will be like that David Byrne song–If this is paradise I wish I had a lawnmower! Give me land lots of land under starry skies above, people!  As I grow older I see more and more of my grandmother’s genes in me; I am happiest when I am planting something or dinging around in the yard. [You know different strokes for different folks. Funny story – when I was in grad school I lived at the university women’s center– a beautiful old house on Hamline Drive–there was an old woman Lottie next door who was a good friend of mine; I used to rake her yard for her; she has passed away since then–and Lynn and Janine and their girls lived opposite the women’s center–anyway it was both a house and an  university office is what I am getting at — some of my happiest years were there–I lived in the upstairs in the caretaker’s apartment — and the university office was on the ground floor. One of our friends who worked at the women’s center as a graduate assistant, Diane, had this habit of constantly rearranging the furniture in the living room. Like me dinging around in the yard, this is what pleased Diane the most. She moved the TV and put the sofa there. Moved the plant and put the bookshelf there. Moved the coffee table and put the floor lamp there. You get the idea. The rest of us all used to get confused from one day to the next. (Actually it reminded me of my home in India.) Anyway there was this spirituality group that used to meet there Monday evenings; I would open up the place for them and go upstairs and come downstairs to lock up when they left. They did serious spiritual things there. One day Janie who ran the spirituality group told us that the spirits they were communing with told them that they were bumping into furniture in unexpected places from one day to the next. The spirits that lived in the women’s center  liked their rooms stable as far as the furniture layout went. Diane!!! We all exclaimed simultaneously! You darlings, I miss you all!)  I got six mixture of azaleas and rhododendrons for the north side of the yard which is mostly in shade. I sit by there a lot and I want to look out the window and see some flowers next year. Krish is planning to build me a proper planting table–I usually use D’s old trampoline or just any surface I can find — and our wonderful landscaper Michael is building me a proper big vegetable bed so I can transplant all these next week.  I am all set; maybe I will even be able to sell stuff at the farmer’s market this year. Wouldn’t that be cool?


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