Posted by: gdevi | April 28, 2011

What Next? Captain America moves to Venezuela?

Apparently, Superman is planning to renounce his U. S. citizenship!

That is it, Clark Kent, you won’t be able to run for the US Presidency anymore! Donald Trump will fire you!

Time to bring in the Black Superman!



  1. Was he really a US citizen anyway, since he came from Krypton? I think it’s funny that comics are getting so darned political!

    • Yes, Krypton’s loss was America’s gain! We can have extraterrestrials, no problem; it is the terrestrial aliens that you got to watch out for! And he is threatening to end it all by renouncing his US citizenship; don’t dear Superman, there is no other place on earth with more crime than America. We need you here! Come to Pennsylvania where Texas oil folks are destroying the environment! You have to help us get the frack out of this town! Love Gayatri.

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