Posted by: gdevi | March 28, 2011

An eventful week redux

Quick recap of last week; an eventful week.

22 March – student rally on campus protesting the budget cuts. Extremely well-attended, well-organized and very moving. Nic Lisette Tracey John Rick David and I — we all worked the tables; we must have collected nearly 350 signatures for the petition, filled out just as many postcards to mail to the representatives and senators, and got students to sign up for a trip to Harrisburg on the 28th to demonstrate at the capital building–28th is when the legislature does the budget hearing. Very moving speech by Mayor Vilello, Representative Hanna, lots of students, staff and faculty. I hope Governor Corbett understands that his budget has no support whatsoever across this state.  None. It is just an illusion that he and his extreme party base are under. So corrupt and unethical. See WNEP coverage here.

26 March – Interscholastic reading competition — D and the Woodward Wolves placed first. (D was the captain this year.) A good competition and the kids did so well. We took D, Ryan and Megan to see — guess what? — Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2 –in the evening. Spooky–last year Wimpy Kid 1 was playing around this time!

27 March – Nearly 30-35 of our student track and field athletes are running all the way from Lock Haven to Harrisburg — 100 miles —  in order to make their voice and point heard at the Capital. Nearly 100 sections are not staffed this Fall because the administration is not going to renew the temporary faculty. It was beautiful–our track kids are some of our smartest kids and they are doing this run to protect the positions lost to attrition and non-renewal. Bravo! God bless you and keep you safe and sound on this most important marathon of your career! WNEP coverage here.

28 March – nearly 250 students and a few faculty have left for Harrisburg this morning by four buses to be present at the budget hearing at the legislature which is this afternoon.

Coverage by the Chronicle here. Well done, kids! How totally totally sweet!


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