Posted by: gdevi | March 7, 2011

Joe’s garage and happiness etc

I am filled with happiness, Dayani says; she hugs her brand new guitar close to her. I am going to call him Sting, she said. Sting? I asked. Verb or noun? Okay, how about Opa, as in the Greek Opa! I don’t know, I said. Opa does not sound like a guitar to me. I got it, D said, I am going to call him Orpheus. Really, honey? I said. That is a beautiful name. Do you know who Orpheus is? Orpheus is the inspired singer in Greek mythology; the only one who almost got his wife Eurydice out of the Hades. Orpheus is the archetype of the blessed singer. It is a good name for a guitar. How do you know about Orpheus, I asked her. Remember that movie Black Orpheus that we watched a long time ago? Dayani said. From the opening bars of Rumble D and K have moved on to Hey Jude. It is probably because she plays piano and saxophone she seems to pick up the guitar chords fairly intuitively.

So this is Dayani’s early birthday present this year. Orpheus: the beautiful dark chocolate Washburn guitar.

You should learn to play this song, honey, I told her. Then you can play and I will sing with you. Electricity. Flashlight. Candles.


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