Posted by: gdevi | March 3, 2011

Ohio’s anti-union vote: corruption du jour

Are you as shocked as I am at Ohio’s anti-union vote that takes away the right of public employees to collectively bargain or to go on strike? Are you as shocked as I am that the Republicans removed their own senators to avoid a split vote and get the bill passed in the senate? Can you believe it? It is so blatantly corrupt.

You know it takes some thick skin to go on and on about the struggling working class of this country and how proud we are as a nation that everyone is working so hard for the good of all–and then to turn around and shaft them in the back, and in the face. All this verbal masturbation must make them feel all so good and oozy goozy. A government of the people by the people and for the people has become as corrupt as private corporations. Today there is no difference between an Enron and the state of Ohio or Wisconsin. Tomorrow that governor is going to lay off state employees if they don’t give up their rights.  A bunch of people using others and getting rich off the labor of the real working class and come election time pander to them with praise words. What a travesty. How indecent. I have seen political corruption in a couple of countries, but in America, it is particularly indecent because the rights of common people are packaged as a blessing, something you should be thankful for.  (Dayani, please see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Annie and Daddy Warbucks for what they are. There is no difference between Warbucks and Rooster and Lily.  What odious shows!) Just today someone told me at the supermarket, you know you should be thankful that you live in a state with a union and that you get paid well because of collective bargaining. It won’t last long you know, she added. From Ohio it could come to Pennsylvania. We have a Republican governor as well.  I smiled and went my way. But when I was driving back I thought to myself, what makes people think they can talk like this to state employees?  Why are you saying I should be thankful? Who should I be thankful to? Governor Corbett? I am not working for him. I am working for the people of Pennsylvania. I have a skill and I am paid to impart that skill to my students. Can Governor Corbett teach literature, writing, linguistics and grammar? Can he teach math? Can he teach history? Can he teach music? Art? Forestry? Can he fight fires? Can he drive a snow plough and remove wreckage and debris? I doubt it. I work hard at my job; all my colleagues do.  I am permanently sleep-deprived; you really have no idea how much work I do. I am worth my salary. My colleagues are worth their salaries. Our pensions are completely funded by us–assets not liabilities. We pay through the nose for our health insurance.  Not one of us is freeloading off of anyone. It is not a mystical blessing or anything. I worked for it. All my colleagues, all of us work for it. What do you mean?

If you are a self-respecting Republican you should go to your senators and tell them to start supporting their road crews, firefighters, nurses, doctors, emergency medical technicians teachers et al.We are tax payers as well. Reasonable working hours, competitive salaries, smaller class sizes, safety equipments in the mines, protective gear for the police on their job–these are the things unions ask for. How corrupt to tell us to shut up and take our pittance and go home. How corrupt to blame the national deficit on public employees. Have you heard anything more preposterous? How corrupt that the financial firms who broke the back of the nation’s economy, not one of them, have been held accountable for what they did, to this day?  What a shameful day.  I hope what happened in Egypt will happen here and these corrupt governors and senators will be voted out of office. The very rich will destroy this country. They do not care for the country or the people. Social parasites. Never vote Republican and never cross a union picket line.


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