Posted by: gdevi | February 1, 2011

The new polar bear pet day

Time to keep a polar bear as a pet– snow and ice and ice. First complete school closing day of the year–Dayani is thrilled! Thankfully the University is closed as well; all night I heard the ice falling. A whole day ahead to grade!

Here’s a good essay about the popular uprising in Egypt by S. Zizek.

Here’s a corny joke about polar bears: An explorer was walking around in the Arctic when he came across a polar bear. The polar bear took him and the explorer knew he was going to be eaten. So the explorer got down on his knees and started praying. Suddenly he saw that the polar bear also got down on his knees and had his eyes closed. So the explorer threw up his hands in joy and said, “Thank you thank you god, its a miracle!” The polar bear cracked open one eye and looked at the explorer and said, “Shhh….I am saying Grace.”

p.s: I should add before I forget that since Daya’s regular piano teacher is taking a break she is now being taught by a wonderful new teacher who we just learned yesterday is the keyboardist, vocalist and main song-writer of this Philly group Marah– Christine Smith. What a musician! Dayani was just blown away by her playing–classically trained, and equally good jazz and rock pianist. Christine is teaching Dayani this really beautiful jazz arrangement of When the Saints Go Marching In! Thanks Christine!

p.p.s: There must be a paradigm somewhere for this joy–I mean the joy of not having to go to school or work on a school day or a work day. Dayani is absolutely so happy not to go to school; it is incredible. Remember that scene in Office Space where the Ron Livingston character asks the Jennifer Aniston character (I forget their names–but it is a great scene –shot in Las Colinas too!– all true–the flares!) to this restaurant and then proceeds to tell her about his job and how he does not like it? “I don’t like my job. I am not gonna go.” Aniston says, “You mean you are quitting?” Livingston: “No. I am just not gonna go.” Aniston: “Won’t you get fired?” Livingston: “I don’t know. But I am just not gonna go.” It is an incredibly funny scene. I think it has gone down in film history as one of the most inspired dialogues of all times. What a funny funny movie that was! I have given so many copies of that movie to people as gift. I know all these poor men and women; facsimile truth about Dallas.


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