Posted by: gdevi | January 20, 2011

“In snow thou comest”

This is the snow day of the year, I think, or snow night. It is an incredible sight really. I wish I could take a picture and post it. It has been snowing non-stop since early this evening. It is beautiful outside; there is nothing but snow snow and more snow on our hills, on our trees, on our houses. . To think that something falling from the sky could create so much beauty is a magic of nature, or divine, to say the least. This is the new ritual of these snow days: the first question is obviously, is there a closing? If not a closing, is there at least a 2-hour delay? We have been listening to the radio  and checking the weather channel–every single school district in the neighborhood is either closed Friday or on a 2-hour delay. It is almost musical to hear the names–Little Flower Christian school, Sunshine kinder care, Mountaintop  childcare, Little feet play school, Olliphant school district, Loyalsock school district, Lock Haven Christian academy, Jersey Shore school district and what Dayani has been waiting for–Keystone Central school district! No closings no delays as yet announced for the Universities. Since Dayani has a delayed opening, she has worn me down and is getting to stay up an extra half hour tonight; and what are we doing for this half an hour? We are watching Andrew Zimmerman eat some sort of bug in Madrid. Honestly, honey! I know what I want; some snow melting contraption on our driveway, underneath the asphalt, you flick a switch or wave your hand and the snow parts way, like the waves parted for Moses. We are looking at shoveling for at least an hour and half tomorrow morning! My poor back! Oy!

In snow thou comest-

Thou shalt go with the resuming ground,

The sweet derision of the crow,

And Glee’s advancing sound.

In fear thou comest-

Thou shalt go at such a gait of joy

That man anew embark to live

Upon the depth of thee. (Emily Dickinson)

Friday morning update: Incredible, but the university has no delayed opening and we have to teach and learn starting 8am though the school district is on a delayed opening. This time we shoveled the driveway and the sidewalks piecemeal just enough to get us out. I thought I could go to the topmost hill in our neighborhood–we live on the second highest hill–and just slide down and will eventually hit the Akeley parking lot on campus. But guess what those new snow tires, man, they sure came in handy! It took me and D without any accidents all the way down our hill and up hills to the YMCA and to campus. I should have done this years ago instead of suffering heart palpitations and earning white hair.


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