Posted by: gdevi | December 19, 2010

In Transit

Apparently when I was a baby — I had just learned to walk — maybe nine ten months old — I used to go pull my father by his hand — apparently I said Ba ba ba ba — and pull him along with me from where he was sitting to some other room. Father used to follow me thinking that I had something to show him or do with him or something. The point is he thought that I was pulling him along for a reason. Well they tell me that I would take him to some room and point to the floor suggesting in my infant way that I wanted him to sit down on the floor. Father would then sit down and wait. Then I would turn around and leave the room. Father would sit there for a while thinking that I would come back and get him. I had looked so full of purpose. But apparently that was my favorite game with him when I was a baby. I would take him to a room, make him sit there, and then leave and then go about merrily doing my other baby things. Father figured this out soon enough so then it became a proper game. And now both Appu and I are here and he is in the hospital intensive care in Trivandrum. I hope we get there soon enough; it is so far and such a long flight. It is just my luck that my passport has expired and now I have to go to NYC and get that renewed first and then fly out on the first available flight. Oy!


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