Posted by: gdevi | December 15, 2010

Through the eye of a needle

We exchanged our christmas gifts today–Nic, SueAnn, Lisette and I–before the university closes. I made shirts for everyone this year. Got three shirts from the store and embroidered them. I do truly wish I could spend the rest of my life sewing and doing needlework. I enjoy it so much.

Here are the three shirts–I made the blue one for SueAnn, the white for Lisette, and the red for Nic. You might have to zoom in to see the designs.

I used a red fern stitch for the lapel for SueAnn’s shirt. And herringbone for the collar and pockets and various different stitches for the panel. A little green cactus in satin stitch– SueAnn loves the southwest!

I like these swirly things I stitched on Lisette’s shirt. Regular running and double running stitch in different colors. They look really pretty!

Thick double-strand chains for the mango outline with golden yellow and inside I did short burden stitches as filling in two different colors for Nic’s shirt. I like it.

Here is my favorite poem on the topic; what a tight metaphor, eh?

Separation by W. S. Merwin (1962)

Your absence has gone through me

Like thread through a needle.

Everything I do is stitched with its color.


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