Posted by: gdevi | December 10, 2010

Music for Cooking

A beautiful day to stay inside and cook. I was at school grading and then it started to snow so badly that I headed home.  It is hard to come up the hill when there is too much snow on the ground. I thought I would make some minced beef cutlets for D and K. I don’t eat meat but Dayani and Krish like it. I love being home and cooking by myself when there is no one here. Me and the dogs. I can clean, put things away, do laundry, pick things Dayani has thrown around, listen to music and cook. This is time just for myself.  I was thinking when I was in the kitchen making these cutlets that I always listen to a particular kind of music when I cook. I generally like instrumental music; in some ways, I even prefer instrumental music to music with words. I think it is because I read and write and I study language and literature. Bad writing pains me. And I think instrumental music is voice in many ways. So anyway the kitchen is a difficult place to listen to music. There are all kinds of noises in the kitchen so it becomes difficult to listen to music with words anyway. So I noticed today when I was cooking that I always listen to certain CDs and songs when I work in the kitchen. Mostly instrumentals; they are all sustained and long pieces that don’t distract my cutting and chopping and frying and pouring and mixing and all we have to do when we cook. Here they are: they are all good pieces of music to listen to while cooking. This music that I like I just realized is very much like cooking, like food–they are almost all of them improvisational–beautiful music for the minute you play it, then it is gone. Just like food. I guess that is why I like them. There are no people personalities sheet music or composers or anything–just music like there is just food and then at the end of it it is all gone.

Erik Satie – Gymnopedie and Gnossienne

John Coltrane – Lush Life, Naima

Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli — many different pieces all equally beautiful — my favorite is Swing 42

Allman Brothers instrumentals only — I made this from ITunes — very very beautiful tunes — In memory of Elizabeth Reed, Jessica, Pegasus, Hotlanta, True Gravity, Little Martha, Mountain Jam. What great great musicians!

Sonny Landreth – Native Stepson, Lyle Lovett– The Blues walk

Booker T and the MGs – Green Onions (I always find it weird when certain musicians make cooking and food into a metaphor for sex. True they both can be thought of as a sort of hunger or need, but they are very different. Anyone can have sex; only some people can cook or play music. So anyway here is a song about green onions that is really about green onions and music and not about sex.)

Vince Guaraldi – Linus and Lucy

Duke Ellington- Mood Indigo

Bill Evans – Waltz for Debby, Blue in Green, Some Other Time, Beautiful Love ( I feel a physical pain in my heart when I listen to Bill Evans. Just a great great musician. If I can play anything like Bill Evans once I would happily curl up and die.)


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