Posted by: gdevi | December 6, 2010

DSM removes Narcissism diagnosis

Amazing; DSM removes the diagnosis of Narcissism from its 5th edition of the Manual. Amazing. What does this mean for us a society? That extreme self-absorption, extreme illusions of self-importance, extreme feeling of entitlement towards anything and everything, manipulating and exploiting others, bad boundary setting–all the traits that in an older more sane world were regarded as “disorders”– have these traits and people who illustrate them become the norm? That they are not “disorders” anymore? Amazing. I sometimes have to interact with people like this–sometimes, thankfully, not often–and I want to ask them, how did you end up so rude, so demanding, so feeling like you are entitled to whatever you want whenever you want it? Why do you behave like this? Some students for instance would do attention-seeking behaviors in class; or pressure me unnecessarily, sometimes threaten. It is very disconcerting; once I actually had to tell a young man that I don’t respond to threat or pressures; talk to me rationally about whatever it is and I will listen and if possible, work with you on it. If not, then that is it and you have to accept it, okay? No tantrums please. Such angularities in character usually come from an inflated sense of self. Apparently now it is not a disorder anymore! What would Freud’s response haveĀ  been to this new change, I wonder.


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