Posted by: gdevi | December 2, 2010

Among screwpines and tapioca bushes

A beautiful evening, yesterday–SaveYour Clothing had its first auction–we had made 30 shirts–all of us faculty and students working on this project–and we thought if each shirt sold for at least 5 dollars then we would raise 150 dollars. What a beautiful thing; our average was more like 15 dollars per shirt–and we raised nearly 450 dollars! Patrizia was auctioneer par excellence! One would think she was an auctioneer and not a University professor! I sold all 6 of my shirts–Dayani even modeled one–a dark blue turtleneck on which I had embroidered this golden yellow and orange swirly design with small coral-colored beads. It looked so beautiful; I wish I had taken a picture of all of my shirts. I liked the one I made for the little girl Bella as well — a blue smocked sun top with a green embroidered band and a green and red paisley design. And the one for Lynn to model –a dark maroon shirt with golden swirls. I wish I had taken pictures! I hope you have fun wearing them, kind people who bought them! I had so much fun doing this. Takes me about 5-6 hours to make one shirt and to think that 35 hours of work contributed towards 450 dollars is some blessing, isn’t it? I wish I could embroider but I just feel hazy at this point; I have worked continuously since tuesday–grading nearly 150 papers plus getting things ready for the auction, teaching, doing things at home–that my head just swims at this point. I was looking at my students, yes, all of you, today and I thought to myself wouldn’t it be a treat if we could all just sit quietly somewhere and watch the snow fall?  Someday when I am old I am going to do just that–sit on a clean verandah and sew something and watch the river flow.  No noise, no talking, no sounds, nothing. Just quietness. I keep thinking of my father’s old house where we spent our summer vacations when we were kids, walking through the sandy lane amongst the screwpines and tapioca bushes towards the pond.  Sometimes you can see tiny light green snakes on the screwpines. That was such a magical place!


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