Posted by: gdevi | November 20, 2010

Dream #675

I had bought these beautiful big yellow tango lilies when I was at the grocery store yesterday but when I got home I forgot to bring them inside the house. I left them sitting all night in the garage. I think I was conscious of that when I went to sleep; I was so tired–I graded 75 essays with little to no sleep whatsoever in the last day–that I just went to sleep and didn’t go out at night to bring them in. So anyway all night I had this incredible dream. I dreamed that I was in a neighborhood–it looked like Houston where Appu lives–where all the houses had cut all their remaining summer flowers–long-stemmed roses, peonies, lilies, hydrangea clusters–blue, red, yellow, white flowers–and set them out in front of their houses in deep buckets of water for sale. I was happily walking through the streets looking at the flowers and generally feeling very happy. I woke up this morning ran outside and brought my flowers in and put them in water. Because they were in the garage, nothing had happened to them. They are beautiful.

p.s. It never struck me till now that for the last few days I have been singing this ghazal continuously; completely about flowers! There are many beautiful romantic songs in Hindi movies and this is one of them. In our family there are specific songs that are “claimed” by specific people; this is “my” song. So is this one. And this one.  In fact, if someone else attempts to sing them, others will stop them and say, “hey, you can’t sing this song! This is so and so’s song! Sometimes we ask “permission” from each other — can I please sing your song? Isn’t that weird? Smile smile. That is what we do; whenever we all get together–we are all all over the world now — but when we get together we sing.  We will make a lot of food, some will drink–I don’t–the mothers and fathers will sit up with us the kids will sit on our laps and we will all sing, all night. It is a generational thing; when we were kids–we are all in our mid forties and fifties now–but when we were kids we sat up with our uncles and aunts and mothers and fathers when they sang. Now we do the same. Everyone has to sing; you can’t just eat and drink; you have to sing. This is especially embarrassing for those men and women who marry into our family; we make these new brides and grooms sing; gosh, they are so shy but almost everyone will sing at least once in front of the family!

I have been having such good dreams lately; I had this beautiful dream of discovering a baby girl during my walks. I read somewhere once that dreams of babies are wonderful  symbols of new births, new mode of being for ourselves coming straight from our unconscious. A beautiful dream.

So, here’s a beautiful song about Houston; I just love singing this song!


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