Posted by: gdevi | November 3, 2010

New Orleans Voodoo Fest

This post is in honor of my student Caleb who missed class last week but for a good cause: to attend the Voodoo Fest in New Orleans. As a teacher I probably should not endorse such absences–stay in class we are covering clause types!– but I completely agree that you needed to attend the Voodoo Fest.  Caleb brought back a special souvenir to show me from the voodoo fest. John Cleary’s set list; apparently Caleb was sitting at Chickie Wah Wah and met John Cleary there. John Cleary gave him the set list–scribbled notes on a crumpled piece of paper — even autographed it! Christmas time for Caleb who is a big John Cleary fan! All of Cleary’s band members signed it. Caleb also got to play on stage–someone loaned him a trumpet– with James Andrews and saw performances by both Andrews brothers. Well done, Caleb! You will look back on this week as one of your greatest memories. Life is just a collection of moments. We just impose a structure on it called Time. You can learn clause types this week.


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