Posted by: gdevi | October 27, 2010

Over Your Shoulder

What with Halloween around the corner we were talking about our favorite scary movies and scary songs at work. I am temperamentally incapable of being scared by movies –I think I have very low blood pressure–so this is very meaningful to me personally that even after seeing the movie many many times the Stephen King-Jack Nicholson pairing in The Shining absolutely spooks me out. It has the kind of sinister atmospheric menace that makes you want to peer over your shoulder.  I have to say that other than The Shining I have not been scared by any movies so far.  I am a David Lynch fan and his movies don’t actually scare me but they are like watching your favorite seductive nightmare. And I think it has a lot has to do with Angelo Badalamenti’s background scores. So I would put Twin Peaks up there with The Shining as well. I really like the first Aliens as well; it is a very tight movie. Really good. I also like the old Malayalam movie Bhargavi Nilayam; old black and white ghost movie–really spooky though. So is the Bengali movie Manihara.

Spooky songs? This is probably odd but one song that has always repelled me in a metaphysical way is George Gershwins Summertime as played by Duke Ellington. That song always distresses me and repels me. It is like laughing at God. There is a sinister depth to that song the way Ellington plays it. Very sad really. Not scary, but sad in a metaphysical way, so I guess it is appropriate for spookfest lists. Other frightening songs: Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit, the Twin Peaks score by Angelo Badalamenti, some pieces of music–Dark was the night, cold was the ground (gives me goosebumps every time I hear it–again metaphysical) from the Wim Wenders movie Paris, Texas (beautiful beautiful soundtrack), Randy Newman’s In Berlin Before the War.

Happy trick or treating!


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