Posted by: gdevi | August 14, 2010

Day at the beach

We are in New Jersey at Ammu’s house and we took Daya and Noni to the beach, or to “the shore,” as they say in New Jersey. A beautiful beautiful day, in the high eighties, and the Long beach Island was filled with the entire state, it looked like. Daya and Noni had a great time playing in the sand–build big sand hearts and then jumping on them–then Daya wanted to be covered in sand, then we went down to the water and the breakers were so massive that we bounced on them and got thrown battered back to the shore! The kids had a great great time! We walked along the shore and picked up many many shells, beautiful shells. So much beauty in one place; nothing like the ocean, if you ask me. Is this a real ocean or a fake ocean, Dayani asked me. A real ocean, honey, I said. This is the Atlantic ocean. If you walk along this shore and keep walking you will end up by the Indian ocean and in Trivandrum and in Sri ammumma’s house, I said. Really, Dayani asked me? No, I am just kidding, I said. All oceans stop at the shore. Just as all land stops at the ocean. It is the law; you can’t break it. It was funny–we saw this ice cream truck and the kids wanted ice cream. The ice cream man got our ice creams and then looked at me and said, “I like your Django Reinhardt t-shirt. Where did you get that?” I was surprised–an ice cream vendor who knows Django Reinhardt by sight; how wonderful is that, even in New Jersey. Thanks, I said. So you know Django Reinhardt, that is good. I love that music and I know it really well; I play the saxophone for a big band in town, the ice cream vendor said. Really, I said. You sell ice cream and play the saxophone, that is so interesting, I said. Actually, I am a biology teacher at the local high school, but I also drive this ice cream van and play saxophone in the evenings and the weekends. Wow, I said. That sounds like such a joyful thing, I said. Yes, the ice cream man said. I have been listening to Joe Pass all morning. We talked briefly about our favorite Joe Pass recordings–the ones with Ella Fitzgerald and Zoot Sims- a wonderful coincidence; don’t you think? An ice cream vendor who is a biologist who plays saxophone. Amazing! A beautiful day–on our way back we stopped at the IHOP and had supper; now the kids are conked out for the rest of the evening.


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