Posted by: gdevi | August 6, 2010

Willie Nelson in Williamsport

We attended a Willie Nelson concert today in Williamsport, PA about 45 minutes from Lock Haven.  A beautiful event and Dayani enjoyed it immensely as well. Quite transgenerational actually–children as young as Dayani or even younger, women and men in their eighties and nineties, in our age group of forties and fifties, teenagers, twenty somethings–Willie Nelson is beloved to all. I could see why they have the Willie Nelson for President slogan. The concert was at the Williamsport community arts theatre, a grand old building and it was completely filled this evening. We felt particularly good because the first thing Willie Nelson and the band did was to unfold the Texas flag on the stage. [You know most Pennsylvanians look down upon Texans–why, I don’t know. Pennsylvania politics is just as corrupt as Texas politics. Some of the loveliest, kindest, funniest, generous human beings that I know are Texans and it hurts me actually to hear some crude Pennsylvanians refer to Texas as the “asshole of America”–somebody actually said that in my earshot; it took every bit of discipline I had to walk away from him without uttering a word.] Go Texas! Willie began the concert with the Whiskey river never run dry ballad; what a great musician; nearly eighty years old, still what a guitar player and such a beautiful voice–incredible dynamic range.  No sound engineer, nothing. He did everything himself.  The concert was more like a sing-along; the audience sang with him–and sometimes Willie invited the audience to sing along, especially to songs like Mama don’t raise your son to be a cowboy, Hey Goodlooking, I Saw the Light, I’ll Fly Away . . . He sang these sets– a blues set Funny how time slips away, Crazy, Night Life then a Hank Williams set, some Kris Kristofferson songs, some real Texas roadhouse instrumentals that I heard for the first time (“cutting loose” — isn’t that the phrase?), then a couple of gospels — Nobody’s Fault but Mine — (isn’t this a Led Zeppelin song, Dayani asked me. No, it is a black spiritual from a long time ago, I told her. She was surprised.) Even Jambalaya. Every other minute somebody from the audience would shout “Willie I Love You! “– usually men, it is men that really love Willie Nelson — there is something very nonthreatening and open-hearted about Willie Nelson that makes other men love him I think. It was very sweet. He is very generous–stayed for at least twenty minutes after the concert signing autographs for all those people! And gave many many bandannas to the audience as well.  Dayani got a Willie Nelson doll. Yes a Willie Nelson doll. Now she is a peer to our friends’ eight year old daughter who has a life size Johnny Cash poster in her room. What is your favorite Johnny Cash song, Elliot? I asked her. Folsom Prison Blues, she said. Kids!



  1. Thanks for sharing your show experience!

    • You are welcome! A great artist and an even greater performer! You know he sang the song that is your domain name –Still is Still Moving To Me — Very beautiful song!

  2. My husband and I loved the show too! Willie Nelson was so generous with his time -signing so many autographs after the show! He seemed about done with signing when I asked him to sign my ticket. He took my hand and signed my ticket. It was an awesome experience.
    Does anyone have pictures or video of the show they are willing to share? We were really bummed that we forgot our camera. Our cell phones were blurry -even though we had 2nd row center seats.
    My in-laws lived in Texas for years & as a Pennsylvania girl I loved it! Sorry for rude remarks made by some others in PA. –Danielle

    • Yes it was an amazing show, wasn’t it? I hope someone recorded it. We were in the balcony though we had good seats; we could see the stage very well. Thanks for the good words on Texas; my daughter was born in Texas and she considers herself Texan. And we are originally from India! Go figure! PA is cool too; we like Lock Haven. Take care- Gayatri

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