Posted by: gdevi | July 22, 2010

Food Network Overload

I never watch TV if I can help it–there are shows that I like and I watch them or used to watch them religiously — Northern Exposure, The Simpsons, The Drew Carey Show, Meet the Press, Columbo, Ground Force — but I never watch TV just because I have nothing to do or because I am cooking or something. I am still the dinosaur that reads. The one exception I have noticed in myself recently is my gravitational pull towards Food Network; Dayani and I watch many of their shows in the evening between 8pm-10pm. I think my daughter has become their youngest fan. Mama, don’t you want to see Chopped, she reminds me. (What a brutal show! Brutal like its name! Chop chop!) Yesterday her friend Reyna came over to spend a couple of days with us, and in their new game they are both chefs working in a restaurant called Gayatri’s Jar of Love. I am flattered, my darlings, but please remember to wash your hands. Anyway, Dayani and Reyna have been invading the pantry and cooking for me. (Krish has politely declined to eat their confections.) We have a culinary theme going here, and it is a surprising one: Keebler crackers. Yes, Keebler crackers. I think they have used up the entire box in the last two days. Yesterday they served me Keebler crackers with sliced cherry tomato sprinkled with salt and pepper, and then bananas and apples cut up and sprinkled with broken chocolate brownies. Big portions too; it took me a while to eat all of this. Then a glass of banana strawberry smoothie. Today they mixed some white rice with fried rice plus some hand-rolled rice balls with yellow rice paste  and scattered some raw broccoli, red pepper, and zucchini — I had cut them up and kept them in the refrigerator to grill but I guess eating them raw is just as well. No sooner had I finished this dish served by Dayani than Reyna brought me her dish — Keebler crackers filled with fried rice, eight olives with their juices, cherry tomatoes perching on Keebler. I felt like a bird.  We have a raw and uncooked theme also going here. I ate most of it and then asked for smaller portions. The next dish is apples and grapes cut up and sprinkled with salt and pepper. Food Network has really influenced them; they have taken my laptop and has perched it on the counter-top and are recording their creations as they make them. We never see food network chefs cleaning the kitchen; I guess that is why the girls have left the cleaning for me to do. Thank you for your inventive confections, my dear chefettes! Now, go play some Scrabble or something!

Listen to a beautiful ghazal by Talat Mahmood here; I was longing to listen to Talat all day; we had many of his 45 and 33 1/3 rpms when we were growing up. How wonderful to find them on YouTube.

And another one. I miss all my uncles! Gopi mammen, you especially! How beautifully you used to sing this one!

And a Malayalam ghazal by M. S. Baburaj; last summer this time we were all in Ammu’s house in India singing! What a lovely song to sing!


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