Posted by: gdevi | July 19, 2010

Elaine’s Paradise Farm Horse Riding Lessons

Dayani’s friend Ryan invited Dayani for horse riding lessons and so today Ryan’s mum and I took Dayani and Ryan for their first horse riding lessons at Elaine’s Paradise Farm in Cammal, PA, off of Rt 44 and Rt 414. From Lock Haven you take 44 to Waterville then go north/east on 414–it is all PA state game lands and real deep woods all the way–very very rustic and beautiful–and Elaine’s Farm is off of Brion Rd. There must have been at least twenty horses there today; Elaine offers riding lessons as well as trail rides, buggy and sled rides, and she is also a certified trainer. (There was a beautiful National Show Horse there–an Arab saddle breed named Ally–the owner wants Elaine to train her–she just came from Texas–10, 000 dollars! Beautiful beautiful horse–I have never seen a shinier black before and her face was just petal soft! I fed her some hay.) Elaine is a fantastic instructor with safety and knowledge of the horse as her first priorities. So Elaine is very blunt; she will tell you exactly what you are doing wrong, if not, you will end up with a 1000 pound horse on you, or equally worse, the horse could buck you and you could get thrown. She spent an hour teaching Ryan and Dayani about halters, bridles, saddles, girths, how to comb and brush the horses. So that is what they did for the first hour–she taught them how to put the halter on the horses and walk them out of their stalls and into the saddling station. Then how to put the blanket on, how to put the saddle on, how to girth them, how to bridle them, and above all how to talk to them, brush them. You have to call the horses out to you with a sort of kissing sound then she taught the kids how to stand to one side and put the halter on them. You have to talk to your horse all the time; horses respond to the pitch and intonation of your voice and your body language. It was very beautiful to watch Elaine with the horses and then the kids. She had a beautiful Tennessee Walker, several Pintos, a couple of Palominos, and she selected two Appaloosas for Ryan and Dayani. Dayani’s horse was a gorgeous 22-yr old mare Apple, and Ryan rode on Apple’s son–his name is Apple’s Delight–what else? Today’s first lesson comprised of mounting, simple commands like walk, rail, reverse, stop and dismounting. Ryan and Dayani did very well, we thought. Elaine made the kids walk the horses back to the stall, take off their riding gear, comb them and brush them, and finally give them treats before we left. Both Karyn and I want to take lessons the next time; the whole thing is just beautiful. I brushed and combed Apple along with Daya; the softest part of a horse is its nose–just soft soft–I gave her many kisses. Very gentle and docile horse. Elaine also has three beautiful dogs–a terrier named Daisy Mae, a shepherd named Natika, and a white wolf-Husky named Nanook. Nanook is a beautiful wolf-dog; looks exactly like a white wolf–has the small wolfish face and longish wolf body and some husky coating. A beautiful morning; the kids had a great time. We plan to take them for more lessons. Excellent facility; check them out. An hour’s lesson is an affordable thirty dollars. You and your kids will have a wonderful time and anything that teaches you more about animals and the world is a good thing.



  1. I am impressed with all this useful information. Was WAY more than I expected. I just cannot keep up with your posts. So much information to read about. Thanks for the info.


    • You are welcome! Yes it is a good place for kids or adults, I think. Thanks-GD.

  2. I just love sue she is the best trainer I know she teaches me lessons on have to care and ride horses.

    • Isn’t that the truth? We love Elaine! What a wonderful teacher and human being!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Elaine has a new website. It’s – if you wanted to update your link that would be great!

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