Posted by: gdevi | July 16, 2010

Educating Daisy

Little Daisy is attending training lessons for obedience training. Once a week I take Dayani and Daisy to John P Jones Canine Training School in State College for an hour. Dayani also needs training to learn how to be the master to a dog. An excellent canine training school; great work with German Shepherds and they specialize in obedience training, search and rescue, tracking, and police dogs. John P. Jones is an excellent teacher; a linguist of sorts, really, who can read the animal precisely. I like the philosophy of the school; more dogs are abandoned and killed in this country from bad training–Daisy is a perfect example. A beautiful dog left to grow like a weed; what is often not understood when we use the word “wild” is that “wild ” is often (wrongly) taken to be a synonym for “anarchy” or “chaos.” But it is not. The wild has its own rules and there is no chaos in the wild. Animals socialize their brood with as much structure as human societies do; sometimes with violence, if needed. We see that with Daisy, and Sally and Jesse. Jesse simply has to bare her teeth for Daisy to back off.  It is sad that human misbehavior is often (inaccurately) described as “wild.” So if you move a pup from its mother and its litter before it is six or seven weeks and then you don’t train it at all, then you have doubly disadvantaged it. I think that is what happened to Daisy. She is such a beautiful and loving and smart dog. John is teaching Dayani all kinds of knowledge about Daisy and dogs — how to pop the training collar, how to command heel, stay, wait (two different commands), a knock-it-off command, how to walk without distraction, how to stop playbiting. No punishments; only training and more training. It is also very good for Dayani; Dayani is learning as much as Daisy does. I was telling Dayani that Daisy could be the sister or brother she always wanted. If you have ever truly and deeply bonded with a dog, you know what an ever-lasting bond that is. I have had that with my dogs in India and here; Krish did too when he was a kid and here. I hope Dayani has the same experience. Daisy is a fast learner and is responding well to the commands.

Very good training school; we highly recommend it.


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