Posted by: gdevi | July 8, 2010

Offensive Bumper Sticker #123

The bumper sticker has the figure of a fiendish-looking little boy pissing on a lump at his feet which says “Obama.” Another sticker stuck right under says “I’ll keep my Guns, Freedom, & Money. You can Keep the “Change.” Get it? Change and “change.” The Obama platform was Change and the sticker says that he can keep the small change while the proud owner of this automobile will keep his Guns, Money and Freedom. It is three for a dollar sale. Couple of things are offensive about this sticker. Pissing on your elected president is bad for a couple of reasons. The buck has to start somewhere in a democracy and it usually starts with We, the people. You are not pissing on the president, my dear friend, you are pissing on all the Americans who voted for Obama, including your neighbor. And really, you should not be pissing on your neighbor; build a fence if you like, plant thistles and stuff, but you should go inside and piss in your own house. At this late point in our civilization, we don’t make political decisions by seeing who can piss their way to Capitol Hill. We have elections. In the next election, vote out Obama, if you believe he has shafted you. That is what elections are for. That is what democracy is. We have all lived with Presidents that we don’t respect. But Americans pissing on an American president, even semiotically, is a new low.  We should follow democracy in America; we are enforcing democracy in so many other parts of the world, through war and the death of so many Americans and other nationals. Democracy begins at home. Work for your beliefs; don’t piss on your neighbor.



  1. I am with you. Very well said. 🙂

  2. Thanks, cuz. Love to you, Greg, Claudia and Enzo. Send pictures! G.

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