Posted by: gdevi | June 3, 2010

The newest addition

When we pick up Daya from school she always asks to go by the SPCA; she wants to see and pet and play with the dogs there. She has been asking for a puppy for herself for a while now. She thinks Jesse is Krish’s dog and Sally is mine and she wants her own.  Last week Krish took her to the SPCA after school and they saw this puppy there and she came home all excited about it. You should see her, mama, she told me, she is so beautiful. I am going to call her “hyper.” But hyper sounds like a judgment, honey, I told her. It is not a name. Okay I’ll think of a name then, she said. Anyway, today when she was in school, we went to the SPCA and saw the puppy. She is indeed a beautiful dog. They think she is a collie-shepherd mix, but I think she is one hundred percent a German shepherd, like the kind we have in India, maybe a bit of wolf perhaps; she has the sloping forehead that wolves have. Beautiful beautiful dog. Apparently somebody just dumped her at the SPCA last thursday. They didn’t do any paperwork, nothing. She was actually not up for adoption yet; anyway the vet came and inspected her today and they got her ready for us, papers and all; she is healthy, has no afflictions they could see. It was quite a surprise for Daya when she came home from school and saw the dogling; she has named her Daisy. Daisy is very smart and learned her name in ten minutes. She was singularly untrained I think so we have to teach her everything.  We have to teach her not to jump, how to eat and drink from her bowl, how to walk, how to sit, how to lie down — everything.  The one good thing about dogs is that just like human beings they quickly pick up on the energy of the place they are in and adjust — Daisy has almost completely quit jumping in the last hour or so and has calmed down almost completely. She needs to learn the hierarchy of the pack now; we told her Sally is the top dog, then Jesse, then Daisy. And Krish is the top dog of all the dogs– and Jesse is already resenting the fact that Daisy is claiming Krish’s attention as well. Sally is the little one and Jesse is the big dog, but Sally is the top dog; it is funny.  Actually Sally is so old now, she is like an empress– she lives a completely content life within herself — she came and sniffed and showed Daisy her teeth and then walked away. But Sally loves anything that is new — so as soon as I put down Daisy’s bed, Sally went and got on it, and whirled herself to sleep. That dog! Anyway an exciting afternoon; a beautiful dog, Dayani is very happy; I am so glad we got Daisy.


Dayani: Mama, dad, I am so happy. I can’t imagine how happy I am in just 24 hours! I had no idea that you would get me Daisy. I am so happy.

Daisy walked round and round trying to find the perfect spot to sleep and Jesse and Sally did not like this at all. I tried putting her in Jesse’s old crate but she started crying so we let her come outside. Jesse and Sally sleep by our bed and so finally Daisy went to Dayani’s room and slept on her rug. Then in the middle of the night Dayani yelled mama come and look at this. So I ran to Dayani’s room; did Daisy crush Dayani? Even though she is a puppy she is almost as big as Dayani is. No, pretty close though. Daisy had jumped up onto Dayani’s bed and was lying there with her paws in the air all ready to play. Off, Daisy, I told her. And then it was a circus– she just wanted to play. She would jump down and I would say “good girl now lie down on your bed” and then she would jump up and then fall back and want her belly scratched. So I was up at 2’o clock in the morning scratching Daisy’s belly and getting her to stop jumping. Finally she went to sleep–out like a light, just like a baby.  Jesse and Sally did not like any of this extra attention given to Daisy — every time Daisy came near her Jesse would growl. Daisy woke up early this morning along with me and walked over to the kitchen and lay there while I made tea and D’s breakfast and lunch ready. She seems happy with us; I don’t know why anyone would dump her at the SPCA.


Daisy is at Dr. Livingston’s office getting all her shots, getting bathed and brushed. We have at least five of D’s friends coming over today after school to see Daisy. Hey, maybe I should charge admission  . . . For the benefit of Mr. Kite . . .


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