Posted by: gdevi | May 18, 2010

Chicken Rap

Today was the talent show rehearsal at Dayani’s school. Talent show is not open to parents anymore, only the rehearsals are.  D played piano; she had two pieces–Fur Elise and the Mission Impossible Theme. The teachers picked Fur Elise, though I must say she can really whack out a jazzy Mission Impossible theme as well. She played well. Her friend, the little Rachel sang a country song called “Daddy’s Hands” — little Rachel is really petite but boy she has a powerful voice and sang very beautifully! I hope they really nurture her voice. Brittnee and Madison did some gymnastics. Matthew and Nick showed some karate chops. Collin wrote a rap song called the McDonald’s Chicken Rap. Get it? Chicken (w)rap? Get it? It was quite ingenious. And very funny. Collin’s dad told us all not to “encourage” him!  Many many kids had brought karaoke versions of songs to which they sang or some of them lip-synched. There was a dance called the cha-cha slide — must be the Macarena of this generation. All very geometric and choreographed. I wonder whatever happened to Oh Mickey You are so Fine You are so fine you blow my mind eh Mickey oh Mickey– that is what everyone danced to when I was growing up. Poor Mickey.

Now  I am off to the city hall to get the city’s permission to keep the two chickens; Dayani “won” the two chickens and apparently they will now be here to stay.  The last time we had them for the weekend they were in my office all the time and I had a hard time keeping Sally out; she loves chicken and could smell real live chickens and kept smacking her lips! Vamos perrito! I have no idea if we can keep chickens within town limits; if not they are going to the nearest Amish farm, kiddo!


The chicks are here. This time it is Oreo and Tarzana.The city is checking its chick ordinance and will let us know if they can stay here or not.  Beautiful birds, aren’t they?

Oreo, the rooster is a Barred Rock.

Tarzana, the little chick is a Rhode Island Bantam.

Update: Every day after school D’s friends come over and they are all inside my office holding the chicks by turns.  The chicks seem fine; already Oreo’s wingspan is about the width of my palm; they must definitely be older than four weeks, which is what the kids insist. Mr. Miller sent them from school in one of those cardboard boxes. I put them in one of those portable dog kennels which we use for Sally and Jesse; it has more room. Apparently their feet will get hurt if they stayed on the newspaper so I went to Calico Creek and got some pine shavings for their flooring. And a water feeder and a food feeder. I put one of my tomato stakes in there for a perch for them. They are all set up now. My office smells like a chicken coop now; incredible. Already you can see them doing the hen things — you see where the expression “chicken scratching” comes from; they are constantly scratching around looking for, is it worms? They eat constantly. I was telling Dayani that the next time she sees Appu she must ask Appu mammen to show her the gash on his forehead; we kept chickens in our house when we were growing up in India. One day the rooster escaped from the chicken shed and started flapping and flying around and Appu ran after the rooster; the rooster made Appu chase after him throughout and round and round the house.  On the right hand side of our front gate there was an old water-tap; the spigot was all gone and there was just the empty pipe sticking up and the rooster flew over that empty pipe and Appu jumped after him hit his forehead against this rusted pipe end and cut the middle of his forehead badly.  He fell down unconscious and amma rushed him to the hospital where they had to put stitches on him. That rooster! Anyway today is such a beautifully warm day that I took the chicks out to the back deck–see sun is not yellow it is chicken! It is funny to watch Sally and Jesse watching the chicks. Sally lies in front of them with her front paws crossed and she looks at them and you can see her shivering and whimpering; she badly wants to get at them. Jesse sort of sniffed at them and walked away. Dayani wants me to add that Oreo perched on his own and Tarzana flew.


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