Posted by: gdevi | April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day to you all! I have had this most wonderful idea for sometime now — I want to start a vegetarian diner in Lock Haven. I have so many wonderful vegetarian recipes from all over the world; I want to make them and give them to you. I would like to start a small herb and organic vegetable garden and grow my own vegetables.  There you go, my earth day resolution. Hey, Lock Haven deserves a good vegetarian diner!

Happy Earth Day today; live lightly.


Pear blossom and cherry blossom aim at me.
Their strength is crumbling but they never miss.

Stars in clusters of blossoms, leaves with stars —
what twin power is there? On what branch does truth blossom?

It fires into the air with flower or strength.
Its air-white full blossom-bludgeons put it to death.

And the twin scent’s sweetness is unwelcoming.
It contends, it reaches out, it is mingled, it is sudden.

–          by Osip Mandelstam, trans. from Russian by Clarence Brown and W. S. Merwin


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