Posted by: gdevi | April 14, 2010

Happy Vishu!

Happy Vishu to you! Today marks the  1st day of Medam — equivalent to the western Aries — they are both represented by the Aries Ram.  Medam is the ninth month of the Hindu calendar in Kerala which has a slightly different arrangement of the months — chingam (leo), kanni (virgo), tulam (libra), vrischikam (scorpio), dhanu (sagittarius), makaram (capricorn), kumbham (aquarius), meenam (pisces), medam (aries), idavam (taurus), midhunam (gemini), karkidakam (cancer).  The month of Medam is primarily known for the festival called Vishu and also for Thrissur Pooram which apparently falls this year on April 24th.

Here’s a picture of Kanikkonna, which blooms specially for Vishu! Thank you good people on the web from whom I took this image!

Here’s what a vishukkani looks like:

Here’s a percussion set (chenda melam) from Thrissur Pooram at Vadakkumnathan Temple.

Here’s an old song set in the Vadakkumnathan Temple.Very famous love song for Malayalis — where else but a temple do you go for bird-watching, right? Seriously, it is a beautiful song; I haven’t heard it in years and just found it on You Tube.  Have a great year, y’all!


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