Posted by: gdevi | April 10, 2010


A beautiful day for gardening. Krish is away at a conference and Dayani and I spent the entire day outside. We cleaned the entire backyard and frontyard; she helped me clean my perennial flower bed–I have worked five years now on that bed and I am so pleased with how the plants are growing.  Once I showed her which were the plants and which were the weeds, Daya helped me pick all the weeds and turn the soil nicely. I usually do this over spring break but this year it rained so much over the break I couldn’t really do much. But the rains were wonderful for the plants; the hostas, the beebalms, the fox gloves, coreopsis, day lilies, lilies of the valley, lavender, sedum, sage, salvia, ferns,the lilac bushes, the butterfly bush –the clematis, rose bushes, peonies, hydrangeas, the honeysuckle bush — the apple trees, dogwood and magnolia — all my plants and trees have come back up so beautifully, so green and thriving. I want it to rain for another couple of weeks until all of them establish themselves nicely for the season. I am so looking forward to summer — school over — spend all my time gardening. Dayani started a new hobby – rock collection — she picked up rocks from the beds washed them and has now named them–  the light house rock, the arrow head rock, the gun rock, the triangle rock, the pellet rock.  A wonderful day. Now we are watching a movie on the telly — Cheaper by the Dozen — I like Steve Martin a lot but I don’t understand this whole trend where he plays this foolish father — I don’t know why Hollywood consistently makes movies showing adults and parents as more childish than children–and even ridiculous. Sometime when I have time I want to study this genre  because it is so fundamentally untrue — parents try their level best to take care of children –they are not idiotic at all — then why make movies like this? It is a terrible message to send to children — your parents are idiotic! Oy!

Insight: Perhaps the obvious answer is the correct one and there is really nothing to research. This is the cheapest way to pander to children; Hollywood understands you, kids; your parents are stupid. Watch our movies and learn all about it!

Dayani’s speech: “Mama, you can either listen to me or come to my room and be amazed! I put the clothes I need washed in the laundry. There are no clothes lying on the floor. I hung up my karate uniform. I am so responsible! I am so mature! My brain is so big now it will explode!”


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