Posted by: gdevi | April 1, 2010

The Chickens and Other Stuff

Yes! It is me, D! My mama let me write about what’s going on at my school on her blog. I am part of ” The Reading Competition Team ” and just recently my team and I had a competition at the Bellefonte High School and boy was it a blast! I have a feeling that my Mama wrote about the competition. Did she, or did she not? I guess it’s a mystery! I am hysterical! Whew! (Back to the topic)  In my class, we are doing a science experiment that involves hatching baby chicks! Actually, the whole point of  the project is to hatch chicks! My teacher bought an incubator for the eggs. When I get my batch of eggs I sure do hope that I get an Ameraucana! We have an adoption process but you can only adopt the chicks if you have a hatch. You have to give a presentation to the class about why you think your home will be good for the chickens. I think my home would be good for the chicks ( or soon  to be chickens ) because we have a big backyard and our house is pretty roomy. My parents I think, actually trust me with live things! We also had a Pep Rally today at school and was hosted by our principal Mrs.Taranto! Boy, did she do a good job! Great job Mrs. Taranto. My 4th grade teacher kinda freaked my friends and I out. He was a CHEERLEADER! Boys can also be cheerleaders but I mean you have gotta be there to see what I saw. Now, compare that to me being hysterical. Me=14 points       Teacher : 78 p. You rock teach! I also really want to thank Mrs. Baumann, my enrichment teacher for inviting my friends and I down to her classroom to do all these fun activities. The PSSA is coming up soon. The PSSA is a really important test! I’m gonna conquer it! Goodbye stress, hello Happy! At school, we saw a bear walking in the grass right before recess! Luckily it vanished into a pile of huge weeds. We also see bucks, and one time my teacher saw a coyote! I think it was a coyote. Recycling and keeping the earth clean and green is a big part in my school. I’m part of the team! There is a newspaper club and I’m in that also! Imagine if you were me! Actually if you think really deep, you’ll see that if you use your time wisely it’s not that much work. I also do Beethoven Orchestra. If you liked this writing, you’ll be seeing lots more! I enjoyed it and that’s for sure! See y’all later!

My favorite animated short.


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