Posted by: gdevi | March 27, 2010

The Readers

Earlier last fall semester D had signed up to be in our school district Keystone Central’s Reading Competition team. The first twelve students who read the 15 reading competition books –literature, history, science, civics — would get on the reading competition team. Anyway, she got on the Woodward Wolves team — that is the name of their reading team! — and today was their first interscholastic reading competition. The competition was held in the Bellefonte Area High School about a 35 minute drive south of Lock Haven. 36 elementary school teams from all over the region participated in the competition. It was actually a beautiful event. The kids sort of pool around on the floor in two teams and the parents and guests kind of flank the room. The moderator who asks the questions and the time keeper sit in front of the kids and ask the questions. 40 questions in total, 20 seconds for each team to answer their question. Each team participates in three rounds competing against three different schools. First round Woodward Wolves competed with Sugar Valley District. It was a good round for them — the Woodward Wolves beat Sugar Valley 29-6. The winners get a blue ribbon. The kids were beaming. And then we moved to Round Two where Woodward Wolves competed against Penns Valley, a really big school district.  The Wolves beat Penns Valley 27-11. Another set of blue ribbons. Very impressive show by the Wolves; their team leader is a fifth grader named Brody–just a sweet sweet boy–very smart and a good leader. Then on to Round Three — Woodward Wolves against Bellefonte School District — the host school district — one of the best schools in the region — very tight competition — we all felt like Michael Phelps’s mother watching the Olympic swimming events — neck to neck race–and then Woodward Wolves beat Bellefonte Title Terrors 20-18! Winners for all three rounds! Mrs. Baumann the Enrichment teacher–just this wonderful wonderful teacher– was ecstatic so were the kids so were the parents but everyone was trying hard to be cool. Woodward Wolves had a total of 76 points!  It was incredible waiting for the award announcements. 36 teams — how did all the teams do? Who would get the Tournament trophy? We let the kids eat lunch and then we all walked over to the gym for the awards ceremony. The judge started with the third place trophies –53 points and over — the second place trophies — and then the first place trophies –60 points and over — almost all schools had their names called — no mention of Wolves yet — and then it struck us — and we were all grinning from ear to ear — the little wolves were the tournament winners! Little old Lock Haven had won the tournament trophy! They had left everyone behind, they were so far ahead of every other team they were not even playing in the same league anymore —  It was incredible really — Tournament winners for the district — Good work kids– Brody, Justin, Jacob, Emre, Ryan, Tori, Megan, Dayani, Nicole — congratulations, you did so well today! You all were so impressive. And you gave Mrs. Baumann the best possible retirement present a teacher could ever ask for –Mrs. B is retiring this year– you guys won her the district trophy! Good work kids!

After the tournament Dayani’s friend Ryan’s dad and mum asked us if we would like to join them and take Ryan and Dayani to see a movie in State College. Ryan is this sweet boy and Dayani and Ryan are very good friends. Ryan’s dad and mum own one of the radio stations in town (check them out too) and sometimes they invite Dayani to come see the station play with Ryan etc. Very good kind people  and so we took the kids to State College to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid which is apparently the book all fourth graders are reading this season! I feel so important mama, Dayani said. It is like we were all there and we helped each other win this trophy, she said. Yes, honey, we told her, that is what it means to work as a team. A good day for everyone!


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