Posted by: gdevi | March 26, 2010

Grateful Daughter

Last night around 9:45 Dayani told me mama tomorrow is tie and dye day; I have to wear something with tie and dye. Well, honey? I said, turning off the water at the sink–I was doing dishes– it is 10 at night. Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I could have gone to the local hippie store and got you a grateful dead shirt or something. I forgot, mama, Dayani said with her utmost sad face. Ho! It was just very very sad. Totally completely dismally catastrophically sad. Okay, I guess I will be the only kid in the class without a tie and dye shirt tomorrow, D said. Well go brush your teeth and go to bed, I said and turned back to the sink to finish doing dishes. Out of the corner of my eye I could see D standing in the hallway trying to look her saddest. Well, sweetie? I turned and asked her. Aren’t you going to bed? Yes I am, mama, she said. I guess I will wear just a regular shirt then. Okay, I said. Good night, I will help you say your prayer as soon as I am done with the dishes, okay? I finished doing the dishes and went looking amongst my scarves. I have no weakness for clothes, shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, bags–the usual things most women crave– but I love scarves and shawls and I have many many scarves from all over the world–people usually give me scarves or books for presents. I knew I had a beautiful tie dye scarf from India from a long time ago and I did find it. So I got out my sewing machine and at ten at night I cut up that scarf and made a shirt for D with it. Wow, did you make that? Krish asked me. I gave it to her this morning and she was so very happy. Mama, I am so glad I have a mother, D told me. Me too, honey, I told her.


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