Posted by: gdevi | February 17, 2010

World Literature Sample Unit Test

Dr. G. Devi

English 220 Unit Test 1 – Ancient Literatures

Sample Test and Study Guide

Study Guide/ Test Topics: You only need to study the assigned texts. Study the assigned excerpts in case of longer readings. Please review class notes and ecampus notes.

Come and see me if you have any questions or need additional help. Please don’t write on the question sheet. Bring a blue book.

Ancient Egyptian literatures, the Song of Songs, the Analects of Confucius, the Bhagavad Gita, Metamorphoses, Al Qur’ran, Rumi, One Thousand and One Nights

These are sample questions. Your test questions are different, but they follow the same format.

Match the following. For items in A, select the closest possible correct answer from B.

(10 points)

A.                                                                              B.

Song of Songs                                                       Al Qur’ran

Ancient Egyptian poetry                                    Analects

Confucius                                                            One Thousand and One Nights

Sura                                                                     King Solomon

Scheherazade                                                    Hieroglyphics

Answer the following questions in no less than 2-3 sentences. Please write full sentences for your answer.  (15 questions, 2 points each)

  1. “Love of you is mixed deep in my vitals/  Like water stirred into flour for bread.”  Identify the source of this poem. Identify the name of the poetic device used for comparison in this poem. What is it?
  2. Which civilization produced Akhenatan’s Hymn to the Sun? What is its significance to the study of world literatures?
  3. Why does Scheherazade marry the king?
  4. Define any one characteristic of mysticism as a religious practice.
  5. Identify any one cultural value endorsed highly in the Analects of Confucius.

Annotate the following passages in no less than 5-6 sentences. You must identify the title of the text, the author, and the context from which it is taken. Write your interpretation of the meaning of the passage. (2 passages, 5 points each)

Passage 1

Don’t come to us without bringing music.

We celebrate with drum and flute,

With wine not made from grapes,

In a place you cannot imagine.

Passage 2

Jan Ch’iu said, “It is not that I am not pleased with your way, but rather that my strength gives out.” The Master said, “A man whose strength gives out collapses along the course. In your case, you set the limits beforehand.”


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