Posted by: gdevi | January 19, 2010

Bird in the sky fish in the water

Many students were ready to come back–this was a long winter break, they said. A good first day of class. It was good to see so many of my old students from previous semesters this semester. In some ways I felt like I was walking into the same old classes. Good to be back Dr. Devi, so many of them said that. And I know I am most like me when I am in a classroom.  (Dayani always asks me did you always want to be a teacher? And I tell her that really that is all I know how to do. There was a very brief period in my early twenties when I wanted to become a lawyer–both of my grandfathers were advocates–and there were so many people daily in the news in India that I wanted to send to prison–real crooked politicians, real thugs doing awful things to common people–I thought I could work for the public prosecutor’s office–but then I thought teaching is so much better than sending people to prison, because who am I to judge anyone? Besides I love to read and write.  So now I get my legal thrills by following what Patrick Fitzgerald is up to! Ha ha. So I tell Dayani–it doesn’t matter at all what you become, but do something good to help the world,  do not shaft the world, do not shaft anyone. It doesn’t matter how much money you make; have enough to live by decently, that is all. We are all blessed with something; it is up to us to discover what that is and let it help you become what you are.)  And there was one girl–she looked so familiar–she came and said hello–I taught her brother gosh years ago–Fall 2005 I think–now she is in college and she is in my class. Isn’t that wonderful? Generations come and go through your hands when you teach. I have so much work that I wish there were more hours to the day — two reviews for WLT, one for WRB, two conference papers. One of the books I am reviewing is just fatiguing me; I can’t finish it but finish it I must. Incredibly vapid and vacuous book.


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