Posted by: gdevi | January 3, 2010

Ends and Beginnings

We brought S home from the hospital on December 31st. Just the two steps to her front porch–just two steps–two small steps–S had to hold on to Krish on one side and me on the other side just to climb those two small steps. The kitty cats were overjoyed to see her. S has a walker and a wheel chair and she has been trying to negotiate all this space called her house which she now has to calculate very carefully how to maneuver around. Your good old living room suddenly becomes an obstacle course. That is how quickly this happens.  The surgical incision is still draining and she has a portable vac that stays attached at all times. A nurse will come to dress the incision at home. In a month or so when the wound has lost all swelling the surgeons hope to do the skin graft to repair the calf. S will have to do some physiotherapy to get the muscles and tendons in her leg strong and supple as before. I stayed over the first two nights to help S with stuff. I made S some of my strange concoctions for dinner; after hospital food everything tastes good! S’s mother and sister came down on saturday so she is in good hands now. Happy new year, S, get well soon. Rest well and recuperate. We have to go biking this summer. And you will be taking part in the triathlon again this year!


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