Posted by: gdevi | December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

I knew there was a reason why we didn’t go anywhere this winter break. Usually when Daya’s school closes we try to take her somewhere–NYC, DC or Baltimore–but this semester closed so late that we thought we would stay in Lock Haven. Turned out to be good; our friends from Dallas want to visit us (Lock Haven is fast becoming the vacation hot spot of Texans! Second set of friends coming to see us in a space of two months!) and they will be here tomorrow; I have cooked a lot of food for them and Daya is excited to see Y and S, their daughters who must be all grown up now. It would be wonderful to see them all; been such a long time. But it is particularly appropriate that I am here though because yesterday our friend S was suddenly hospitalized and had to be rushed into emergency surgery at 6 in the morning to remove multiple blood clots from her leg. I am glad I am here to help her and be with her–I can’t believe it–we were just talking in the department last week–she is a very healthy person and now this– it is just unbelievable to me. I gave my first insulin shot to a cat today. S has two beautiful cats and the kitty cats are obviously missing her and they were kind of edgy but the little cat sat quietly for me while I lifted his skin up behind his neck and gave him an insulin shot–it is that under-the-skin kind.  What a Christmas. Our friend J has surgery to remove tumors from his abdomen in two weeks, S is in the ICU, my mother needs eye surgery–so much pain in this world–what a christmas. But Merry Christmas, one and all;

Love and Joy come to you,

And to you a wassail too,

And God bless you and send you a happy new year

And God send you a happy new year!

Here’s a wonderful song–Dayani loves this song when I play it in the car!


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