Posted by: gdevi | November 29, 2009

Sunday Blues

Our oldest friends in Dallas visited us for Thanksgiving and went back yesterday and so today is a sad day for Dayani. S and K have a five year old daughter who just adores Dayani and followed her around for a whole week. Normally since Dayani is an only child she doesn’t get to boss around anyone and this sudden appearance of an adoring five year old is a windfall. The other child, also a D., did everything Dayani did–run maniacally through the corridor and slam into couches, slam into the bed with a warcry–S’s bloodpressure and my blood pressure were going through the roof. At night they were so sleepy but they were propping their eyes open with a compass it seemed and walking around like zombies. Please go to bed, you are not missing anything, go to bed, kids. I am so glad I am an adult. It was so sweet to see S and K–in 2004 we had gone to San Antonio to my brother’s house for Thanksgiving–Appu was working for Sony Semiconductors then–when K called us and told us that S was in the hospital and ready to give birth. So thanksgiving day we all drove back to Dallas with the whole Thanksgiving dinner packed up. We reached Dallas just as S gave birth to D and we dropped off the food at my house and went straight to Baylor to see the new baby. Thanksgiving baby. We took the thanksgiving dinner to Baylor in small containers and ate there with S and K who were exhausted. Very sweet and smart child. Very playful too. It was so wonderful to see them all again. We left Dallas for PA when D was less than a year old. Now she has grown so much and at five even wears glasses! We celebrated her birthday here this time along with Thanksgiving. Krish, K, Dayani and D ate Cornish Hen. S and I are both vegetarians–she more so than I am–and we made a wonderful white potato stew to eat with chapathi, stuffing, broccoli and tofu and for birthday cake we got a beautiful and delicious fruit tart.  Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, pineapple, kiwi, grapes on a delicious custard on top of a soft tart pastry. Those were the best times in Dallas–they have a nice pool in their house and we all used to go there and swim for hours, slip inside go get snacks come out and swim again. But the news from Dallas is kind of disturbing. Three of our other friends–both husbands and wives are telecom engineers in all three cases–got laid off. Right before Thanksgiving and right before Christmas. How cruel is that? And they are all senior scientific staff and systems engineers and it is hard for systems engineers to find something at their rank. Why would you want to hire a senior systems engineer when you can hire a junior programmer and pay him or her a miniscule of what you would need to pay a senior enginner? And all telecom corporations are cutting R & D anyway. How do these CEOs sleep at night, I wonder? Anyway, a good visit. We took them to Hyner view–2000 ft above sea level and on friday we took them to see Clyde Peeling’s Reptile Land. The two girls loved it. A good thanksgiving. Thanks S and K and D for visiting us!


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