Posted by: gdevi | September 8, 2008

Hey Bungalow Bill

Apparently Russia’s president Putin shot a siberian tiger with a tranquilizer gun today and saved a TV crew.

And Sarah Palin regales McCain and his entourage with her stories of caribou hunting in Alaska.

I see a cunning neo-conservative plan in the offing. Since hunting wild animals has become a part of the presidential personality test, maybe like in the old times, political disputes could be settled with a high-tech safari. The loser should cede the country over to the winner. Go Palin! There are way too many animals in the wild anyway! Show those Russians what American women are made of!

Yet another possibility would be that Palin could marry Putin and thus bring Russia over to the US as dowry–you know like Princesss Katherine of France did with King Henry V of England. This could be a political alliance for strategic geo-political reasons. In this case I think Putin should present the dowry–I bet Palin is a better hunter than Putin. Palin doesn’t need a tranquilizer gun! Consolidate the empire in one stroke. This would help with the international snowmobiling competition and oil pipelining in Siberia as well. With Todd Palin–the “first dude” of Alaska–being the world champion of the snowmobiling competition and four-time winner of the Tesoro Iron Dog championship (the Texas oil connection to Tesoro is incidental)–with this alliance, US under the leadership of Palin could take control of Siberia’s oil reserves, while matrimonial husband Todd Palin will show those Siberian Tartars what American boys do on their snowmobiles.

Man, what a lovely picture!

Forgot to add that this would be the ideal union of two compassionate apex predators. Remember Palin’s joke–she has a great sense of humor–at the convention? “What is the difference between a hockey mom and a pitbull?” Answer: “Lipstick.”

Of course this joke came from men about women. Original joke: “what is the difference between a woman with PMS and a pitbull?” Answer: “Lipstick.”

Palin just updated it for her republican male base. Laughtrack, please.


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